augury_corner's Journal

Michael Corner

Name: Michael John Corner
Nicknames: Michael tends to go by "Michael." He hates being called "Mike". He's fine with "Mikey" from certain people. "Mo ghaol" is his nickname exclusively from Ernie.
Age: 19 years old.
Birthdate: June 25th, 1980.
Astrological Sign: Cancer.
Bloodline: Halfblood (barely).
Gender: Male.
Years/House at Hogwarts: Ravenclaw; 1991-1998

Eyesight: Not as good as he'd like to believe. Years of studying by too little light and his genetics are working against Michael. He is slightly nearsighted.
Hearing: Average.
Handedness: Left-handed.
Health: Fairly good, though Michael's torture did weaken his constitution a small degree. He occasionally feels tingles in his extremities or ghost pains from extended acts of Crucio. His health is compromised by stress-smoking, overuse of stimulant potions and fairly regular sleep deprivation.

Distinguishing Marks: Chestnut brown-colored hair and greyish-blue blues (more grey than blue). Michael bears stubbly, thin facial hair trimmed in a goatee and moustache. Michael is a tall, thin side of average built man with fairly pale skin. Among his most distinguishing marks include long, artistic fingers. He does carry the marks of war and torture. Across parts of his back and sides, he has small, faded white whip and cut marks.
Quirks and Presentation: Michael talks rather quickly and usually 'talks with his hands' when he is trying to convey important visual points. He has very good (if a bit intimidating) eye contact. His default body language seems to be very blank and fixated like he is in constant thought.
Dress: Dark, certainly. Michael likes subdued blues, browns and greens with a lot of black. He is actually quite a posh dresser with a clear fashion sense, but he connotes a degree of brooding in his choices. Even having spent nearly half his life in the wizarding world, Michael still has 'Muggle-isms" to his dress.

I.Q.: Very High.
Extrovert/Introvert: Introvert in the fact that he recharges by turning inward. He is not shy.
Phobias: Michael doesn't like to be unexpectedly touched, especially by people he doesn't know. This is a psychological post-trauma disorder from his torture. He is also a bit jumpy in dark, enclosed spaces (not truly claustrophobic, but tense instead).
Mental Health: Michael has essentially dealt with and (partially) overcome post-traumatic stress syndrome from his torture and prolonged conflict, partially brought on by an event where he was forced to kill a Snatcher. He still suffers the occasional intense night terror.

First Impression: Brilliant. Creative. Dry-witted. Sarcastic. Brooding. Short-Tempered.
Loves: The serenity Ernie brings as he's laying his head against his heart, *the* moment when he realizes he's just seen something artistically profound- and knows he must capture it, the sound of Ernie's laugh, the smell of orange dark chocolate, that first drag of a cigarette, as it fills him with fire, the sight of tail being tucked between the legs of some obnoxious stuffed-shirt bureaucrat whom he's just utterly checkmated.
Goals/Dreams: Michael's not openly talking about it yet, but on a personal front he is seriously considering asking Ernie to be his. He's holding back because of their complicated schedules, their lack of money, the fact that they don't even live together yet and because of two inescapable (yet so typical) fears- that Ernie will say no, and that Michael will be a bad life partner for Ernie. Despite that, he's been holding back money from every payment 'just in case.' He's been trying to win Angus' respect for several months now so he can do all this honorably.

On a professional front, Michael is very ambitious. He's got plans he wants to present to the Board of Governors within the next couple of months that will expand and beautify Hogwarts and its grounds, including a new Boathouse and Aquatic Herbology building, and a new Astronomy Tower. He is one of the artists in the running to design a memorial to be placed on Hogwarts' Ground commemorating the battle.

Michael's work with Quango takes him all over and at erratic times. He's hoping to stabilize that quite a bit, so his social life can even out. Currently its running him rather ragged.

Wand: 10.5" length of rigid Apple, cored with a male Phoenix's primary feather.
Patronus: A Mongoose.
Boggart: An evil (dark arts-gifted), sadistic version of himself.
Graduated NEWTs: Potions. Transfiguration. Charms. Defense Against the Dark Arts. Ancient Runes. Muggle Studies.
Poorest Subjects: Divination. Herbology.

Mother: Eileen Corner, a Muggleborn Witch. She largely hid her background from her husband until Michael was found to show wizarding potential. She is an Arithmancy Mistress (passed herself off as a Mathematician). Was fired and fled England with her family in the wake of the coup d'etat that turned on Muggleborns.
Father: John Corner, A Muggle. John began his professional career in the service of the Royal Navy, and later as a policeman. He was shocked and suspicious at first when Michael was revealed to be a wizard, but grew to embrace his son's gifts.
Older Sister: Penelope Windham: Penelope is a Squib and couldn't care less about it. She works as a barrista while she finishes a MA and raises her family.
Older Sister: Sophia Corner. is also a Squib and more bitter about it. She and Michael seldom see eye to eye on much of anything.
Spouse/Lover: Michael has been with Ernie Macmillan for going on two years now. Though he doesn't see Ernie nearly as often as he would like, Michael considers this relationship to be "extremely serious." Michael is of the unshakable opinion that Ernie is "beautiful."
Past Lovers: Michael has found intimacy in his life four times. the first was with Ginny Weasley, where he experienced the thrill of his first relationship. The second was with Cho Chang, who was a fun friend. Together they co-miserated over the losses of their past relationships. Michael's third was perhaps the hardest, because it was his first love. It was unrequited- the person, Theodore Nott.
Friends: Michael tries to keep in contact (at least through owls) with his old mates from Hogwarts. Admittedly though, his schedule makes it exceedingly hard. His closest mates remain, of course, Anthony Goldstein and Terry Boot.

Birthplace: Plymouth, Devon.
Current Family Residence: Dover, Kent.

Seventh Year History: Michael dealt with many issues, many degradations and seemingly endless strife while in his last year. With his family fled and living in constant fear of his own expulsion, Michael solidified his friendships and tightened his allegiance to the DA under Neville. Michael largely took it upon himself to become a duelist, and in a short amount of time was learning how to correctly counter some of the cruelest spells taught to the students by Carrow. He turned around and assured that the DA members were taught how to defend against the spells being inflicted upon them. But he who studies evil is studied by evil, and Michael more than once could feel the urge to use his darkness.

His service among the DA was constant. He helped evacuate 'wanted' students for various infractions, and helped devise the constant barrage of low-level rebellion (mostly in the form of graffiti and prank) against Snape and the Inquisitorial Squad.

Easily the most painful incident of punishment came when Michael was lured into the basement under the pretense that an evacuated student has somehow been captured, drawn there when he learned a first-year boy was to be tortured as well. Michael managed to free the boy (quite accidentally) but then was brutally tortured by his troubled but close friend, Theodore and an agent working for the Carrows.

Post-War Background: The Battle of Hogwarts was a brutal affair for Michael, who found himself tempted to kill the two men who so brutalized him- one who was once a trusted and loved friend. Michael found himself having to fight his own dark side from consuming him in the battle, because he had spent so much time learning how to both use and fight against the dark arts. The death and destruction he saw and the glimmer of darkness within himself made Michael entirely resistant to setting foot back in that school for learning again. He had had his full measure.

During that summer, Michael volunteered to assist in the efforts to rebuild Hogwarts, while he slowly fell for Ernie Macmillan. It was a very difficult choice for him to opt not to return, and to simply take his NEWTs as they stood. A couple of project leaders in the efforts discovered Michael's architectural talents and offered him a position in Quango, which after discussing with Ernie he accepted.

He was fortunate that most of his work that first year had him around Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, and because of it he and Ernie were spared the pain of a long-distance relationship. However, now Michael's work profile has broadened and it can take him all over the British Isles with relatively short notice. He's hoping to be promoted or commended quickly, so he can choose the projects that bring him closer to home.